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LIVEBLOG: Doctor Who – Day of the Moon

5:02 pm EST:
Hi, all! It's been one long week waiting for this. I'm so pumped you have no idea. Let's see, what theories do I have this time around? Ah, yes... River/Eleven needs to happen. Rory/Eleven should happen. Canton/Eleven would be weird but lolzy. Rory/River could be pretty funny. Rory/Amy is a given. The Silence still scare the bejeebus outta me. I'm expecting WTF-ery all up in this bitch. Soooooooo..... yeah.... time for the next four hours to pass really slowly and in the right order.

10:00 pm EST
...I have no words. Just wow. And adorkable professor Rory. And epic win beardy Doctor. And RIVER/ELEVEN IS CANON BITCHES. And Canton is gay! And WHAT THE FOO FIGHTERS WAS UP WITH THAT REGENERATING GIRL? And WHAT THE HELL, THE SILENCE ARE GONNA EAT ME.



Seriously, Moffat, what what what are you doing to my mind? brain exploded again. Ffffuuuuu-
Tags: damn you lack of real life tardises, doctor who, epicness, holy shit, matt smith, omg, omgwtfbbqdrenchedinawesomesauce, rory, tv

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