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So I met Neil Gaiman last night.


Neil is the amazing beardy Brit on the left. I am the nerdy bespectacled teenager on the right.

Neil is flawless.

And yes, it was amazing, and yes, he is amazing, and oh god, how can ANYONE be so amazing.

I don’t know really what to say about seeing him, except that he is wonderful and hilarious and so incredibly intelligent. And inspiring. So very, very inspiring.

He spoke of libraries, and the wonder of librarians. He spoke of the potential American Gods sequel. He spoke of his childhood and making things up. He spoke of his love for Doctor Who. He said he loved writing for Doctor Who, and would gladly do it again. He reminisced on when he was a kid and owned a big book of Dalek history. And he mentioned Moffat. Said he was a superhero. Oh God, yes.

He spoke of the completely fictional Writer’s Block (‘because writers are so clever, they have to make up a fancy term for being stuck’ - paraphrased from Mr. Gaiman). And it was wonderful and when it’s broadcast on NPR (as I believe it is, if it hasn’t been already), you should go listen to it. I might be audibly cameoing as the girl screaming "OH GOD YES" from somewhere in the balcony seats.

Anywho, after the event, I stayed after and went to the meet and greet. (It's a long story as to how I was invited, but I can say it involved Twitter-stalking, Facebook-stalking, and librarians.) And I met him. And he recognized me from Twitter/Facebook IMMEDIATELY. We talked, took photos, and hugged a lot. I asked him about his plans for more Doctor Who, and he said he'd really like to write a novelization of "The Doctor's Wife."

Oh, and the best part of it all – he let me touch his hair. Oh god, the crazy Gaiman hair. I touched it, yes, and I have reached nirvana. It was fluffy and fabulous and seriously the nicest hair I have ever touched in my life.

So, yes, best night I've had since Moff knows when. And I am glad I went.
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