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eleven x rory

Start spreadin' the news!

Tonight I'm seeing Gypsy, which is playing right across from Equus! OMG! It's Christmas, so Dan isn't performing. Hopefully I'll get him to autograph my copy of DH I brought. ^_^

I ate at Katz's deli this morning. "I'll have what she's having."

I saw Despereaux! SO CUTE! I hated the book, but the movie ROCKED. Hopefully I can see Benjamin Button soon.

Today I was walking and I saw a guy on the street selling pirated DVDs. He was selling Twilight and Madagascar 2, but no Indiana Jones.

Speaking of Indiana Jones, I got some AWESOME presents from my cousins. The best was an Indiana Jones DVD game. I also got Guinness World Records 2009!

Have a great holiday, everyone!