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Happy Halloween!

It's All (deathly) Hallow's Eve today. That means one thing:


Yep, I have HOMEWORK to do. And practice lines and stuff for my audition for our school musical. And read some Greek myth stuff.

Speaking of Greek myths, yesterday I saw a billboard advertising The Lightning Thief movie! Now I'm kind of excited. And it seems my picspam I uploaded yesterday has gone well. =^w^=

The Gaia Halloween event is cool, check it out!

I leave you with a message from Monty Python:

eleven x rory

Good news on the dating front~

This boy asked me out on Friday. I was so flattered, I was at a loss for words (which is EXTREMELY rare for me!) I told him today that I'd love to get to know him better and hanging out would be great, but I'm not looking for a boyfriend.

At least I'm one step closer!
eleven x rory

What. The. Hell.

I went to visit my old middle school. For nostalgic purposes.
I asked my old chorus teacher what songs they were singing. He noticed my Coldplay shirt and said "Oh, we're doing Viva La Vida, Hayley!" I immediately said "WHAT THE HELL? THAT'S MY SONG! YOU PROMISED MY GRADE WE'D SING IT LAST YEAR!" It's OK, though... I just really want the sheet music. It's still kinda unfair.

Otherwise, yesterday (Yom Kippur) was great. God must be OK with me, since I heard 3 Coldplay songs on the radio in 2 hours (Viva La Vida, Clocks, and Daylight)
Swedish DH Harry

My first day of high school.

Today was my first day of high school.


My totally nerdy history teacher.
This one teacher whose name I forget in Academic Strategies who loves Coldplay and the Beatles.
Being in math class with the coolest person ever~
The fact my principal looks like Will Champion. ^_^
Acting class. Pure win.
eleven x rory

School started again today... and other stuffs

*quote from Genesis*
And on the second day, G-d created going back to school after two weeks of vacation. And the students saw that it SUCKED.

That's not really from the Bible, but ah well....
I saw National Treasure: The Book of Secrets. It was good, definitely better than National Treasure 1.
I also started watching my OOTP DVD for the first time last night (I know, that's sorta lame, since I got it in 2007) and I was halfway through it when my mom walked in and screeched "Time to go to bed!"
Then my night got worse...
Some guy's car alarm went off for ten minutes. After that I woke up and went all "Buddy-the-Elf" (cookie to those who know what I'm referencing) on my HP collection and neatly organized it (my books, my movies {DVDS 1-3 and 5,} SS board game, snowglobe, plushie Pettigrew, glasses, There Will Soon Be 7 bookmarks, a pic of Voldy I drew, and EW's JKR and DH issues.) Then after a long read through of "Are You A Geek?" I went to bed. THE END.