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LIVEBLOG: Doctor Who – The Impossible Astronaut

7:00 pm EST:
Hi, all! This shall be my first ever liveblog for a Doctor Who episode, and I am SO EXCITED! I can't wait to start the episode. Two hours to go! Oh god, Santa Moff, don't let me down. I expect epicness and Eleven being sexy and Rory having a secret crush on the Doctor and River being a BAMF. My one sorta-out there theory for this episode is that Amy will end up pregnant with the Doctor's baby (?) If that happens, or at least half-happens, I'll eat an entire bag of Jelly Babies. Speaking of which, I just bought eight mini-bags and one big bag of those fruity bites of joy. Nomnomnom :)

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Chapter Eleven has been written. My GOD.

Hello, dear readers. Long time no see, eh?
As you can clearly see by my posts, I have become quite the Whovian (meaning I have become quite obsessed with a British TV series called Doctor Who, which, if you don't know by now, is about a 907-year-old Time Lord called the Doctor who travels through the universe in a blue police box called the TARDIS, which is bigger on the inside....yeah, it's pretty effing weird. BUT IT'S SO EFFING GOOD!)

Anyway, I have somehow managed to resume chronicling the adventures of the certain son of a wizard....no, not Merlin, Jr.! It's Albus Severus Potter, of course. This chapter, however, deals with everyone's favorite gay, buzuq-playing werewolf.(No, not Jacob Black in heat, you TwiTards.) Our beloved Thaddeus T. Wigglesworth takes centre stage in this chapter, where we learn what may happen when you push his Berserk Button too hard...
Enjoy, mon choux.

P.S.: Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

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Lol wut a Coldplay related post

I just emailed in for the free Apparatjik EP. (Apparatjik is a band with Coldplay's Guy Berryman on bass and some of the guys from a-ha.)

Time to get hooked on yet another band.... Neon Trees, I took a bite of your heart. Phoenix, you gave me Lisztomania and the only cure is more cowbell love potion #1901. Now it's time for this Chrissygirl to join the army of Berrygirls... undercover.

UPDATE: Hrrrm... it won't open on my computer for some odd reason... maybe they know I'm a Chrissygirl?!
UPDATE #2: Hooray! It opened! Time to listen to the mutant love child of Coldplay and a-ha!
UPDATE #3: Hoo boy, this is bizarre. It's psychedelic and punky, as if a-ha, Coldplay, and Green Day had a love child. O_o
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Take a bite of my heart tonight.

Aaahh.. Memorial Day weekend. A time to relax, get away from school, and go down to Connecticut. That's exactly what I did. Down in Mystic, CT, right outside of Mohegan Sun.

Highlights from my trippy trip:

• Mohegan Sun. Nothing's better than drinking a black and white milkshake at Bobby's Burger Palace, eating Pepe's pizza while jamming out to the Robot Unicorn Attack song, or spending $20 on kiddie arcade tokens and winning a SpongeBob sweatband, CSI Miami sunglasses, vampire teeth, and a skull ring. Nothing at all.
Shrek Forever After, aka Shrek: The Final Chapter. A fantastic conclusion to a cash cow series that I find consistently funny and enjoyable. Plus, it has a giant fat Puss in Boots, an ogre resistance, and RUMPLESTILTSKIN. Holy shit, was Rumplestiltskin a brilliant character in this movie. He's bizarre, crafty, fashionable, power-hungry, commands an army of witches and hires the bounty hunter Pied Piper to pipe the ogres into oblivion!
Iron Man 2 was chaotic, explosive and full of Robert Downey, Jr. goodness. Also featuring Mrs. Chris Martin as herself (minus Chrissy,) Scarlett Johannsson as a ninja, Mickey Rourke as a male Irina Spalko (you know, from Indiana Jones 4) with electric whip arms, and lots and lots of robots.
• Mystic Disc. A record store in Mystic that happens to be owned by two very awesome hipsters who understand me and my love of pop culture. They really liked my charisma and knowledge of trivial and non-trivial things in the music world. I'm officially one of their bros.

^ My Connecticut record store bros ^

• The Book and Tackle Shop in Watch Hill, RI. A antique and used bookstore owned by a kindly older woman who used to live in Boston, the store literally made my day simply because they had a first edition copy of "The Search Beneath The Sea" by J.L.B. Smith (the guy who discovered the coelacanth) on sale... for $35. (Unfortunately I didn't have enough money....)
• CeeCee's of Mystic. A jewelry store owned by a nice woman and her 10 year old son... who both LOVE COLDPLAY AS MUCH AS I DO. They blasted Viva La Vida in the store and let me sing along. Life is good, indeed.
• Tap Tap Revenge 3: Boost. I am officially addicted to this iPhone game which most people have. I'm beast at so many tracks, yo. Especially Animal by Neon Trees and Diary by Tino Coury.
• The "SNL in the 2000's" retrospective. I managed to catch a repeat of this recently-aired documentary chronicling the past 10 years of SNL. It featured the stories behind "Lazy Sunday" (THE CHRONIC-WHAT-CLES OF NARNIA!!!) "Laser Cats," "D*ck in a Box," "Debbie Downer," and all the other fantastic sketches over the years. Best of all, it used clips from musical guests over the past 10 years, and guess what they saved for last? Yep, Viva La Vida by Coldplay.
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So, yeah. Life is life is life. I've been meaning to do something on here. Maybe write chapter 11 of ASPOF. Maybe just chill and post nonsense. Maybe write more fake Coldplay lyrics or sonnets. Perhaps write more reviews of stuff I've seen. Maybe rant about shit. Do some crazy-ass things. There's a bit of a mental block right now. I'm not so sure why I'm posting this, but goddamnit I'm trying.

So, dear readers, comment. Ask me anything. I have a Formspring.

Friend me on Facebook.

Send me MP3s of all the Coldplay B-sides that aren't "Lost?".

Just talk to me, I'll listen.
I'm a good girl. Gone bad? I don't know.

Maybe I should write more poetry.

I really don't have a clue what I'm doing right now. Avoiding homework? Yesh.

Viva La Vida.

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it has been over 3 months since I last posted. Nothing is new. Other than the fact I met the lead singer of the Beelzebubs. And I sorta quit Gaia. (I have a mule, thank God.) And the Percy Jackson movie was pretty good. And the Oscars were 75% good. (Who even SAW the Hurt Locker?)
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My first day of high school.

Today was my first day of high school.


My totally nerdy history teacher.
This one teacher whose name I forget in Academic Strategies who loves Coldplay and the Beatles.
Being in math class with the coolest person ever~
The fact my principal looks like Will Champion. ^_^
Acting class. Pure win.