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LIVEBLOG: Doctor Who – The Impossible Astronaut

7:00 pm EST:
Hi, all! This shall be my first ever liveblog for a Doctor Who episode, and I am SO EXCITED! I can't wait to start the episode. Two hours to go! Oh god, Santa Moff, don't let me down. I expect epicness and Eleven being sexy and Rory having a secret crush on the Doctor and River being a BAMF. My one sorta-out there theory for this episode is that Amy will end up pregnant with the Doctor's baby (?) If that happens, or at least half-happens, I'll eat an entire bag of Jelly Babies. Speaking of which, I just bought eight mini-bags and one big bag of those fruity bites of joy. Nomnomnom :)

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eleven x rory


GOD DAMN I HAS MCAS (standardized test for those who don't live in MA)

Also, Watchmen is the best movie I've seen in a LOOONG time, and I'm obsessed to death over Gaia Online.


I have no news. Good news, right?


(expect moar posts like this to come.)